In light of the still-rising cases of the COVID-19, the Church World Service along with other nonprofit and private organizations have come up with a campaign called #AllofUS. The campaign focuses on how all Americans, including the immigrants, are essential in helping to beat the cases of COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t respect age, color, gender, class or place of birth. When such a pandemic impacts every one of us; we must respond in unity. Whether in the healthcare industry- or in the supply chains that keep our grocery stores stocked and our economy running. Immigrants are not excluded. They also are doing their part to keep American running and our country healthy and strong.

This campaign #AllofUS recognizes the contributions of immigrants and “the importance of standing by their side” Reverend John L. McCullough, President, and CEO of Church World Service stated. (Church World Services, 2020)

According to the Church World Services, worldwide an individual is forced to evacuate and leave their homes every two seconds; they are forced to leave because of the continuous threat of violence that may result in persecution.  (Church World Services, 2020)

The US has the highest number of COVID 19 cases around the world, the country also accommodates one of the largest detainments of migrants centers. Since there are too many migrants detained, factors like poor health care, sanitation, hygiene supplies, social distancing, and medical care have greatly affected the Refugee’s  in the US. (Human Rights Watch, 2020)

The Trump administration has received a lot of negative commentary from humanitarian and religious groups, due to the decline of refugees admitted every year, the.  Unlike the Obama administration, refugee admission in Trump’s presidency has reduced dramatically from previous years. The president has signed executive orders such as the suspension of the US refugee admission- this gives the local government, and other small municipalities the authority to either deny or accept immigrants. Additionally after the president released the suspension of  refugee in the travel ban  eleven country nationals (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) were given another 90-day travel ban. (American Immigration Council, 2020)

The US is one of the most powerful global leaders, a role model for other countries; due to the lapses in accommodation Refugees, The Country’s commitment to Refugee Resettlement may make a global impact.

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