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There is no question that the US immigration process is probably one of the most intricate processes in US law. Even a U.S. citizen will probably struggle navigating through the intricacies of their immigration law. There will be a lot of documents and paperwork needed for the whole process, and it will be very difficult for an immigrant to do so alone. Many prospective immigrants will feel that what they have already provided will be sufficient, but they often find that they are wrong and they will have no idea what their next step should be. That is where the need for an immigration lawyer arises. An Immigration lawyers will be able to guide immigrants through the whole process in order to avoid costly mistakes that may result in significant delays or even rejection of the application. Even though hiring an immigration lawyer is optional, here are few of the reasons why it is important to hire one:

  • Knowledge and expertise. The complexity of U.S. immigration law is not new to immigration lawyers. The experiences they gained from years of work will be their best asset. Working with various petitions or application ranging from different nationalities. They know what is needed to be done at every stage of the process.
  • Beat deadlines. The process is time-sensitive. There is a strict time frame for the submission of certain documents and other requirements. It is an immigration lawyer’s responsibility to ensure that all the necessary documents are present and are submitted on time. Late submission or the lack of requirements will surely cause unwanted delays or even jeopardize the whole process!
  • Paperwork assistance. Filling out forms may sound simple, but for immigrants who do not speak the English language will find it very complex. Term are even terms that will most likely confuse people whose native language is English. The immigration lawyer may fill out the documents needed in order to avoid errors.
  • Explain options. Every process is unique, considering that there is a good number of factors to consider such as the type of visa, nationality, age, location, and etc. An experienced immigration lawyer will be able to lay out all the possible options for various situations, and will be able to guide immigrants as to what will be the best course to take in order to streamline the application process.
  • Understanding immigration laws. The responsibility of immigration lawyers go beyond the application processing, because there are certain laws that is exclusively applicable for immigrants only. Thus, it is the immigration lawyers responsibility to inform the immigrant about the immigration laws to avoid the risk of being deported before the expiration of the visa or even after obtaining permanent residency.
  • Citizenship. As mentioned, an immigration lawyer’s expertise and experience will give immigrants the best possible options. And with that being said, the ultimate goal for most immigrants would be obtaining a U.S. citizenship. Immigration lawyers know the whole process and will be able to guide immigrants with every step towards that American dream.

These are just the most common benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer, there is so much more that they could offer. Always remember that the U.S. immigration system is constantly improving, thus there will be changes every now and then. Immigration lawyers constantly improve their legal knowledge too, that way they will be able give accurate information based on the most recent changes.

There is no shortcuts in the immigration process, it is a systematic step by step procedure that requires attention to details because a mistake will cause delays and may jeopardize the application process. The number of paperwork to fill out and documents that are needed to be submitted on time may cause a lot of stress, especially if the immigrant’s first language is not English. A competent immigration lawyer will be able guide you through this complex process and increase the success rate of your application.

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